Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Compiling ACM Sig Processing latex templates in Ubuntu Karmic

I am sort of a newbie in Latex (Do you know that the pronunciation is "Latek"? Here in Germany, I have heard people saying "Lates"!) . I was in that "I will start doing it, tomorrow" status for so long I can't even remember. I usually do not start something fruitful until or unless I am pressured upon. Fortunately, this semester I am doing a seminar course where I have to go through litterateurs on a topic and write a paper reviewing those. And the paper has to be written in Latex. Thank God!
Anyway, I went through the available latex editors and eventually settled down to Texmaker, mostly because it runs on Windows too. I am running a pretty neat version of Windows 7 and I do want to beautify my paper while i am there.
For this seminar, we had to follow the ACM templates and as a starter those class and bib files can look a bit formidable. Anyway, I downloaded all the goodies and tried to build them through Texmaker, which failed, expectantly! The error messages were logged and most of them were about missing fonts. So I did a little Googling and came to know that you have to install some special fonts so that Latex can render your document correctly.
So, I run this command:

sudo apt-get install texlive-math-extra

And voila, everything was perfect!
Happy Texing!


Shahan said...

please write it in details. I'm attending a seminar course this semester and have to submit a latex document at the end!

I've no clue yet of how to write with latex!

শাহান said...

কিরে তোর LaTeX এ পেপার লিখা কেমন হইল? আমারো একটা ছোটখাট LaTeX ডকুমেন্ট লিখতে হইসে। বেশি ঘাটি নাই, কিন্তু অল্প যা কাজ করসি তাতে অনেক মজা পাইসি। ম্যাথ ইকুয়েশন লিখার জন্য ফাটাফাটি!

Rafi said...

হু ল্যাটেক বেশি জোশ। আমার যদিও ম্যাথস সিম্বল ইউজ করা লাগে নাই, তাও লিখে মজা পাইসি। আর প্রাথমিক অভিজ্ঞতাটা তো হয়ে গ্যালো, এখন থিসিস লিখতে আশা করি আর প্রবলেম হবেনা। দেশে গেলে পোলাপানের সব রিপোর্ট ল্যাটেকে হবে!

Sean Chester said...

Cheers, mate! You saved me a good headache trying to get the acm cls to compile.