Saturday, March 7, 2009

BDR killing

The disastrous so called mutiny of BDR turned into a mass murder, killing more than 70 army officials and civilians. Among the martyrs is Captain Mazhar, ex-cadet of Comilla Cadet College where we stayed together for more than two years. He was only four years senior to me, a bright young gentleman. What a loss.

Following the event, investigations have started from different institutions. Nonetheless, as forgetful as we are, there is every chanc that people will start to forget this horror and the real criminals behind this would never be brough into daylight. Thus we should try from our respective positions to keep our sorroundings aware of the event and help to dig out the facts. That's is the least we can do for the departed souls and their grieving family members.

I will try to collect and post relevant articles about the incident.

The event in Wikipedia
Telegraph's stupid interpretation and Mash's reply
Personal experience of an Army officer about the feeling of general people towards the Army
Analysis on a chain mail which is claimed to be sent by an anonymous Army personnel
Experience from another point of view

I hope to update the list frequently. You are welcome to share any insightful or interesting read if you come across.

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