Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February is here

February is my favorite month, at least it was when I was back home. Winter is giving away to spring, trees are getting back the colors, "Boi-mela" has started and (not to say) the Valentine's day is coming soon - aren't all these enough to make one happy!

But here, its still winter, may be at the peak. Starting from yesterday, it has been snowing all day and night and had it stopped for some time, drizzling rain would take place. Sounds boring. And we all are burdened with exams and projects. Sounds horrible. It is.

Lets think positive. If I can just pass this month, March will come with the hint of summer (fingers crossed), we can play cricket and don't have to wait a whole week for a dazzling sunny day. Ah, the mere thought is cheering me up!

Well February, go away as fast as u can. Stay as long as ever when I am back home. No hard feelings :)

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