Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why am I so lazy?

Well, I have never been very good in time management and productivity enhancement. You can see the reflection in not updating my blog. It is not that I am not dead busy. I had three mid-terms last week but I was not too busy to write a few lines :(

Fahim and Shahan was complaining about in this in Facebook. How the hell do I spend so much time in Facebook!

So, what happens in this one month of 'absence-from-blog'?

I bought my first laptop, an HP Pavilion Dv5 notebook. I opted for buying the 14.1 inch one, but it was not available in the shop and I got this 15.4 inch with Montevina platform within my budget. It feels somewhat good to have one of the "latest" processors. (At least for me who have used celeron while everybody used Pentium and pentium when everyone used core 2 duo!).

For the first time I went to hill trekking in Monte Bondone, arranged by the University. It was a fabulous journey. For two hours we went up on the hill, which was sometimes too steep to carry on but was worthwhile as the exuberance experienced reaching on top of the mountain. It was biting cold but we were sweating. And the way down was more risky and fun, we passed some snow-covered fields, some steep hills where we had to lie down to go on, some jungles with so much bushes and trees that we have to cut them out and make our was fascinating! I felt like I was in an adventure movie!

Well, much update for one day. Now I am going to play some cricket, as its a sunny Saturday after a week of rain and drizzle.
I think (!) I will update my blog more frequently.


Anonymous said...

Man vs Wild!! :D .. Rafi, do you still see this from youtube?

Rafi said...

Not from youtube, its availabe in Rapidshare, man!