Thursday, November 20, 2008

A hate story

Ever since I bought my laptop, I have also brought one of the most drastic curses, using "Windows VISTA". I had never used it before, as I had been using XP for the last couple of years, the golden years, as it seems now!

VISTA is horrible, it takes up a huge portion of memory, always bugs with annoying confirmation messages (but eventually to gets attacked by a virus, Trojan or spyware), takes large time to start-up and shut-down (even on a machine with pretty formidable specifications); I just hate it!

As I could no more bear the tortures and torments of using this horribly freaky OS (but neither could I dump it), I installed Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex - I love the way they name the ubuntu releases!) in my lappy (thanks to Wubi, it was painless and quick).
And there comes heaven!
Intrepid works like a charm, takes less than one third memory than that of Vista, flawlessly connects with my university wireless network, plays songs and videos, thats all I need for now! (And no bothering with Antiviurs, Spyware checker etc. etc.. big relief!)

I wonder if this is the greatest cheat (or monopoly) that almost all laptop vendors provide the customers with the least efficient OS out there.

I think it is.


geteamon said...

Yea vista is really buggy. My laptop also comes with vista and I already suffered from the hassle. Yesterday I installed XP in my laptop and as these two differs in booting process I lost vista. I didn't burn the DVD of my licensed vista yet, of course out of my laziness :( So I was at a loss but finally I managed to recover vista and that took me a hell lot of time :@ So if you ever think to come back to XP in your laptop, first google about it and then proceed to install XP. As a matter of fact XP is not that generous unlike ubuntu; it will erase your MBR :D

Rafi said...

Yap, I have burnt the recovery discs for Vista as soon as it arrived. I guess after that one can do anything with his laptop, just has to recover vista in case of any problem :)

Zahid Hasan said...

Yes vista consumes too much memory but you have 4 GB of RAM. I don't believe vista takes full of those. I have 2 GB memory and my vista takes less than 1 GB and I can do everything pretty well with the additional 1 GB RAM.

Anonymous said...
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