Thursday, September 25, 2008

A sudden and nice dinner

This is the story how set theory leads us to a great dinner :P
Last night, I was sitting in front of the laptop, doing nothing. Tony vai and Rashed vai (two of my classmates here in Trento) came to talk about some set theory (!). After a brief and not-so-useful discussion, we were wondering what to do. Just then Muna apu called us to ask whether we would go to their house to collect the KUMRA SHAK (This backtracks to the morning while we 'stole' some kumra shak from a huge garden :P. In a sense, we helped the garden owner as we were sure that they consider them to just some weeds and would be happy to get rid off them. Win-Win situation!)

Though it was late at night and chilling outside, we three started toward Suja vai and Muna apus house. There is a shortcut through a jungle tunnel. At the dead of night, it was kind of scary to go through the dark alley, but we went through.

Warm was their house, so was the welcoming faces. We sat and had some nice adda. Initial idea was to get the kumra shak and return back to our residence to have dinner. But we gave up to the insistent couple and happily agreed to have dinner with them. And what a dinner it was! Kumra shak with chingri, Shuja vais special dim vaja, pui shak and lau curry, and some fanta afterward. We were all full!
This was a nice night out.


Anonymous said...

poralekhar pasapasi kumra_shak er business suru korte parish taile ... :P

geteamon said...

ha ha... good idea shahan :D

Rafi said...

abar jigay!
aha, ajke to anar kotha chilo, vule gesilam..toder comment dekhe mone porlo :P