Thursday, September 18, 2008

After a long time, from a new country

I have been in Trento, Italy for the last two weeks. And I am absent from my favorite place, this blog of mine for more than that. This is mainly due to the lack of a personal computer, which I can use "personally". I have not brought a laptop from my country, neither I am getting the scholarship this month. So, I have to use senior brother's laptops. Thought they are very considerate and sacrificing, it really is not always convenient.

Now I have got my personal id and password, which can be used to log in to the local LAN of our residence to use Internet. In the department we have wirelass hotspots. It feels good, though unlikely for me, to see people coming to the class with laptops and checking the email while the professor is busy with the blackboard! Hopefully I will join them in a few days :P

The first two weeks were gone for all sorts of processing, thanks to the highly bureaucratic system of Italy! We manage to roam around the city and also to some beautiful places. We went to Riva del Garda, the largest lake of Italy. That is the most wonderful place I ever visited. I have heard there are 21 lakes in the Trentino region. One problem is, all visits are to be made in summer. September is ending, today morning the temperature was 8C, who knows what will happen in December! Saddam has already got cold and taking medicine. I also have suffered from some allergic reaction from a "Dove" lotion. The doctor has told me never to use Dove products again :P

We also went to Bolzano, the nearby province of Trento. There we visited a little but wonderful lake (too bad I forgot the name), went to hilly roads and roamed around the city. Bolzano is as neat and beautiful as Trento. This is a dual language city- all signboards, bus stops, train stations, everything is written both in Italian and German. I heard that most of the people speak German, too.

We have started cooking, and it is coming out to be good! So far I have cooked all the curries (chicken, egg) and Saddam is specializing in Rice and Daal. The combination is working out well. The problem is we have to make iftaar, which we tried yesterday. The process of making beguni and alur chop was a bit tentative but they were tasty! :P

As for the studeis, I have to complete one year here and then move to RWTH Aachen to complete my second year and the thesis. I will have double degrees, (if I can complete anyway!) so it comes with the cost that I have to fulfill the requirements of both the universities. It is a tough task, no doubt.

That's it for today, the summary of the pending weeks. I wish to be more regular on my blog and I have every hope that I will do so.

Ciao! (Do you know that "Ciao" means both Hi and Bye?! )
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geteamon said...

'Ciao'... hmm... I didn't know about it. Interesting thing. Here in Finland I experienced a same kind of thing. In Finnish if you say 'Moi' it means 'Hi' but if you say it twice like 'Moi Moi' it means 'Bye'... Interesting :)

Rafi said...

Ciao itself means Hello and Bye but it can have other uses, just like you said in case of Moi. To quote from wikipedia:

"The greeting has often several variations and minor uses. In Italian, for example, a doubled ciao ciao means specifically "goodbye". Tripled or quadrupled it means "Bye, I'm in a hurry!". Pronounced with a long [a], it means "Hello, I'm so glad to meet you!" (be it sincere or hypocritical); with a lengthened [i] (so that it sounds like a meowing of a cat) it has flirtatious implications."