Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Things: Its’ a Tag!

This is in response to Tanim's post. The rule goes like this, " All the readers who’re reading or commenting this post, all have been tagged! Don’t forget to answer the questions in your own blog."

5 things I hate most:
  • Dirty toilets (who doesn't hate that?!)
  • Loosing
  • People with cars, who splashes the roadside water on the people who are walking or going by rickshaw
  • Lying politicians
  • To be #1 in corruption
5 things I want most:
5 things you will find in my room (aside from me and my pc):
  • A world map hanging in the wall
  • A stack of dvds, hugely disorganized
  • A stack of books, hugely disorganized
  • My bookshelf-cum-wardrobe-cum-table (which I rarely sit on)
  • A good old SONY deck set, with two large speakers
5 things I am currently doing:
  • Preparing to leave the country
  • Learning some cooking
  • To spend as much time as I can with my family/friends/...
  • Watching Avatar season 3
  • Reading "উভচর মানব" (Amphibian Man), one of my most favorite books
What about you?

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