Thursday, July 3, 2008

PicLens: an awesome tool for photo viewing

I am a frequent visitor of my friends' photo albums (I guess many of you also are) in facebook. No doubt facebook is great but the photo viewing system in can be made better. In facebook photo albums you cannot move randomly between photos and cannot see a full-screen view. If you want these features with a lightweight browser extension, then PicLens is for you. With this tool, you can view all the images of a web page in a nice looking 3-D wall. For example, have a look at the following picture, it is from a Flickr photo search page.

If you hover your mouse on any of the photos, that become the active one and you can click it to see a full-screen view. See the following PicLens view from one of my friend's breathtaking pencil sketch album in facebook. Here, the center image is the current selection. Now you can just roll your mouse wheel to see the previous or next photo or click on any of the photos to view it full-screen.

Good thing is, you can also view the author's comment for the particular photo. See for example:

You can integrate PicLens with any browser and it works on almost all photo-viewing or social networking websites.


Unknown said...

Hi Rafi,

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Anonymous said...

khaise .. Piclens aisa tore thank you diya jay :D

Ashfaq said...

Bravo..... You got the "TATKA" thnku from the team....truly inspiring....

Rafi said...

Yap, it feels good!

Anonymous said...

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