Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it too 'Cuil' to surpass Google?

A new search engine has come into being, by the name of 'Cuil'. You pronounce it just like you say 'cool'. Some former Google employees have built the engine and they claim that it is 'world's biggest search engine' having pages three times as many as Google. Cool, huh!

Apart from the dark interface, Cuil has some other differences from Google. It shows the search results in 2 or 3 columns, with short summaries. It also suggests some related search categories, which you can choose and see the relevant search results.

Overall, it may give us a new experience, but in my opinion there is no obvious reason (at least for now) to use Cuil insted of the good old Google.
And I am always a fan of white backgrounds!

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