Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Bangladeshi voice rocks the world

The video is watched in youtube over four and a half million times in Just two weeks. The soundtrack is in the top 10 in the Amazon's soundtrack download top chart (top 20 in the overall mp3 download top chart), surpassing singers like Madonna and Mariah Carey. It is all over the web. And, the singer of the soundtrack is a Bangladeshi teen named Palbasha Siddique, aged 17, who lives in Minnesota. The song she sang is "Praan" from Rabindranath Tagore's "Gitanjali".

The video, named "Dancing" or "Where the hell is Matt", shows "Matt" dancing (with his unique moves!) all over the world, to be precise - in 42 countries, with thousands of people.

Well, I went on to watch the video after getting these information. And after watching it, I really am feeling happy from inside. Such expression of joy, versatile colors mixing up to create an unique rainbow, the feeling is inexplicable! And how closely does the meaning of the song match the theme of the video.

Apart from the sweeet song, the video is creatively well-made, no wonder they take 14 months to make it. In fact, it is so amazing that I am having a hard time to pick up my favorite moment. I liked the part in Tongatapu, Tonga where waves from the sea splashes on Matt. Which one is your favorite?

As you would find it in her interview below, she is coming to Bangladesh in this summer and competing in Close Up 1 2008. Can't wait to hear her singing!

The full story and her interview in startribune
The video (standard quality) (recommended to watch the high quality version)
The lyric and the song (courtesy of The 3rd world view)

Here is the song in Bangla:

ভুলবো না আর সহজেতে
সেই প্রাণে মন উঠবে মেতে
মৃত্যু মাঝে ঢাকা আছে
যে অন্তহীন প্রাণ

বজ্রে তোমার বাজে বাঁশি
সেকি সহজ গান
সেই সুরেতে জাগবো আমি

সেই ঝড় যেন সই আনন্দে
চিত্তবীণার তারে
সত্য-সিন্ধু দশ দিগন্ত
নাচাও যে ঝঙ্কারে

বজ্রে তোমার বাজে বাঁশি
সেকি সহজ গান
সেই সুরেতে জাগবো আমি


  1. As it turned out, Palbasha is the sister of one of the senior brothers from my own college!
  2. Here you can see her performing in Close Up -1; its a pity that she was voted out after singing with such uniqueness and personality

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this on my sister. You write well.
Sarwar, CCC 8th intake.