Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bangladeshi fielders drop some catches and the match

Bangladesh played well today. On a flat batting wicket like this, some may argue whether 283 is competitive or not. I would say it is, as long as you back up the effort of the batsmen with tight bowling and sharp fielding. And don't forget this is the highest total for Bangladesh against India, by a long margin.

Kudos to Alok Kapali for playing such an innings. For the last few matches, I was filled with disgust whenever I saw Kapali coming out to bat. I don't know the reason, may be its his puffy look or it is that he wasted the talent he had. But today, it was all different. 10 fours and 5 sixes, fattafatti! And he did one thing Bangladesh is so unable to do- slogging in the last part of the innings. It was great to watch.

But all of the effort went in vain, largely for the drop-catches. Rayna was dropped twice and went on to score a ton, Gambhir also was dropped (that was a sitter!). These Indian players are in tremendous form and they hardly need a chance or two to rise to the occassion. Had the catches not been dropped, I believe it could be a tight match.

Bangladesh needs to carry on, taking the good things they learned from this match. I hope they will show some consistency in the next matches. No consistency in dropping-catches will be highly expected.

Picture courtesy : Cricinfo

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

For the last three days, I have been suffering from fever, headache, severe cold and coughing. You got it, I am virus-struck. With my weak and shaking hands, instead of writing something about, I am just putting on some interesting links for you.

Steve Job's speech on Stanford Graduation, 2005
Lego's digital designer.
Convert boring units to real-life objects.
Reducing camera shake
Make beautiful and customized clouds

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." Stay Virus-free (in all the possible ways...)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Add some spice to your life

If you are like me, you just like to sit idle, wait till your mom prepares the mouth-watering dish, jump on it as quick as it arrives on the table, and after some voracious moments, brush up your tummy and say - "you are the best, mom!" Life is beautiful, eh!

So far so good. Until a week ago, I didn't have to worry a bit about "preparing" or "cooking" food. It was always there. My mom and dad both possess the finest of cooking skills of all the people I know. And as a result, having a cuisine on the fly has been a normal phenomena. I had been so used to get well-cooked food ready on the table that I thought it to be a perpetual arrangement. Fool's paradise!

Now that I will be leaving the country for two years for minimum, the paradise I have been living in is lost. Completely. There would not be anyone out there with the dishes. Then would be the time for cooking. COOKING. Now is the time to learn cooking!

Though I had a premonition to be a unworthy pupil in the realm of cooking, I am surprised now to find the 'cook' in me. For the last few days, I have been co-operating my mom and dad in preparing the dinner. And I like what I am learning! I believe it flows in the blood..ahem! Cooking is just an art, it has to be.

Just to let you know, one of my friends is very good at cooking. He specializes in cooking for large no. of people. And he is damn good!
If, by any chance, you are interested, find some good recipes here.

From Heaven's kitchen it is me signing of, ciao!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Switching to Google from Yahoo and Google

Yes, I have decided to switch to Google completely! Not that I have not been using Google. Apart from my primary mail address, which is in Yahoo, I use the following Google services :
  1. Blogspot
  3. Notebook
  4. Docs
  5. Toolbar (with Firefox
Now, switching the mail account is the main concern, but I have more things to do. The reason is, I want to use a new Google account. That means, I have to switch from one Google account to another as well! The steps may be like this:
  1. Switching the blogspot account, which I thought would be impossible but found out to be a piece of cake.
  2. Switching the bookmarks. (As for now, I can think of Exporting the Google bookmarks to Firefox bookmarks and exporting the Firefox bookmarks to the new Google account bookmark. Dumb, as it may sound, no way out!)
  3. Switching the Notebook contents. (As my notebook is not that much populated, it will not be problematic. In general case, I guess it would work like switching the blogspot content; sharing the documents with my new Google account will do.
  4. Same goes for Docs.
  5. Toolbar is not a problem
Now, switching the mail account is always problematic with Yahoo as they don't provide POP or forwarding access. Many a days ago I used a small piece of tool called YPOPs which can sneak out into your Yahoo mail account and download all your precious emails to outlook express. Then you can export your mails to the Google account. (Who needs a mail client when you have Gmail?!)

Lets see if I can go on with these.