Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I am doing now a days

Well, not much. As the semester break is here, I am not taking classes for the next two weeks. The previous two weeks were not bad- 6 days of invigilation in the exam hall, one long meeting on next semester's course distribution and checking some exam scripts. And I watched some movies and IPL. I missed the usual "long drive" of ours for the last two weeks, mainly for my lethargy. I guess I am in need for some soul-searching.

I started learning some Python, the language they talk about so much. I learned one thing for the least - the name "Python" has nothing to do with the reptile, rather it is named after a comedy show which was the author's favorite. To suppress the growing concern inside, I also took out my algorithm book and started with reading the preface. No promises.

One of my undergraduate thesis groups sent me a call for papers. Problem is, we are in no position to publish a paper. We should be. It would be improbable to grab a hold of them in this semester break. Lest see if I can.

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