Saturday, May 10, 2008

My first visit to the Italian embassy

The embassy of Italy in dhaka, as you may have guessed, is in the embassy road in Gulshan-2. The rickshaw fare is about 10 tk from Gulshan-2 circle. If I remember correctly, it is in road 79.
Last week, I went there with one of my friends. Not for any definite purpose though, just to get acquainted with the proceedings. I was a bit tensed to see a long queue of people waiting outside the gate. But we came to know that they have special services (not so special, as revealed later) for students and they let us in without much of waiting. Some people in the queue were grunting, of course.

Crossing the first gate (a very mundane looking one), we had to wait for some time. My friend and another senior brother prepared their documents. I was just wondering how many times I would have to come to this place. Just after a while, we went in through the second gate and met the embassy consultant. He was a Bangladeshi person and also one of the most confused person I have ever seen! He was unsure about most of the queries. I don't understand, why do you sit in a chair which doesn't fit you! By the course of time, we came to know that the Italian guy responsible for this consultancy was on leave and would not be available until next to next sunday. Till then, welcome to an world of uncertainty and chaos! I asked him about my case and was happy to see him living up to my expectations - he didn't know a thing!

My next visit there will not be as unfruitful as this one. Hopefully.

Picture : This is not in any way the picture of Italian embassy in Dhaka! It is a castle in Trento, the Italian city where I may end up if everything moves in motion.

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