Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Post-weekend post

I just wonder whether I am getting lazier day by day or I had been so lazy at the first place that I can't be anymore- just the feeling is cutting deep. Either way, its no good news :(

And that's why it feels so bad when the weekend ends, when the ever dear Saturday night fades away with the (un)promising return of Sunday. Hectic.
After a long time, I have watched some movies this weekend. One of them is The Darjeeling Limited. The movie is about three brothers and their (apparently) soul-searching journey in India. I may have missed some inner meaning of the story but I enjoyed watching it. I like all the three brother's acting and the chemistry among them. As I have seen Adrien Brody only in "The Pianist" (as far as I can remember), I was surprised and amazed to see him doing a comic role superbly. The background music and some songs also were ear-catching.

I have also watched some cricket - India-South Africa test and ICL. Though there isn't any particular reasons, I am indeed happy to see 'Tema India' loosing the test match by an innings. And just to be informed, Bangladesh cricket team is leaving tonight for the tour of Pakistan. Hoping to see something good there.

Well, much reviewing of this 'smooth' weekend and now I must say, "Welcome, thee new week!"

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