Saturday, April 19, 2008

On being Whitewashed

Well, I won't say it was utterly unexpected, but it certainly was not something I looked forward to.
Bangladesh is whitewashed in the 5-match one day series. There was not even one match where they put up a bit of resistance. Disappointing. Throughout the series, the batsmen got out by playing some poor shots. I have no problem if one gets out by a good ball, a deserving one. After seeing these five matches, I am really doubtful about Bangladesh's ability. Enough is said about "the talented and young side" who "would learn from their mistake".

One thing for sure, they are not learning fast enough.

On a more personal note, I also am whitewashed by something - may be with some sort of flu. Dizziness, sore throat, headache - the whole thing is not that painful but it really is disgusting. This flu-struck weekend has passed by quite quickly (ow, they always do!).

The coming week will be an eventful one. Lets hope that I will catch up.

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