Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Give a vintage look to your photos

I don't know if anyone will ever "need" this photo tool, but it seems interesting. Ever wanted to make your old photos look like new? I guess you did. But this Japanese website presents you a tool which you can use to do just the reverse - make your brand new photos look like "century old" ones. Have a look at the photo for example.

Just go to this website, upload your photo and see for yourself! The website is in Japanese, so you may want to translate it with Google translate. Even if you don't translate, its quite understandable. (Photos don't need words, do they?!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On being Whitewashed

Well, I won't say it was utterly unexpected, but it certainly was not something I looked forward to.
Bangladesh is whitewashed in the 5-match one day series. There was not even one match where they put up a bit of resistance. Disappointing. Throughout the series, the batsmen got out by playing some poor shots. I have no problem if one gets out by a good ball, a deserving one. After seeing these five matches, I am really doubtful about Bangladesh's ability. Enough is said about "the talented and young side" who "would learn from their mistake".

One thing for sure, they are not learning fast enough.

On a more personal note, I also am whitewashed by something - may be with some sort of flu. Dizziness, sore throat, headache - the whole thing is not that painful but it really is disgusting. This flu-struck weekend has passed by quite quickly (ow, they always do!).

The coming week will be an eventful one. Lets hope that I will catch up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪১৫

আরেকটা নতুন বছর এলো। বাংলা বছর, বাঙ্গালীর বছর।
আমাদের মতো করে আর কেউ কি পারে এত রঙ্গে এত ঢঙ্গে বর্ষবরণ করে নিতে! চারপাশের এত সমস্যা,এ ত অনিশ্চয়তা - সবকিছু পাশে সরিয়ে রেখে আর কেউ কি পারে আনন্দের জ়োয়ারে ভেসে যেতে..আমার মনে হয় না..

১৪১৫ সালের এই বৈশাখে সবাইকে জানাই শুভ নববর্ষ। সবার যত শুভ ইচ্ছেগুলো সত্যি হোক এই নতুন বছরে। আমরা সবাই আরো একটু এগিয়ে যাই সম্ভাবনাময় ভবিষ্যতের দিকে।

সবার জন্য শুভকামনা।

ছবিসত্ত্ব - উইকিপিডিয়া

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bangladeshi universities in Wikipedia featured list

I think many of you are wondering about the term - "Featured list". Let's get a brief overview on the rating system of Wikipedia articles first.

You may not be aware of the fact that Wikipedia articles have a rating system, which helps to identify the completeness, importance and quality of the articles. For example, when an article's first draft is written, usually it consists of introductory information and in Wikipedia terms these are called Stub or Start class article. These articles are in need of detailed explanation, elaboration, references and overall modification. Having fulfilled these criteria, an article can move on to be a B class article, which is the highest grade achievable without a formal nomination and review process.

Furthermore, if the author believes the article to be of high quality and also abiding by the standards, he can nominate the article for a Good article, A class article or Featured article status. Featured article is the topmost rating among these. These are actually 'the best' articles in the entire Wikipedia. Featured lists are just like featured articles - with the only difference that they are the best 'lists' among all. As Wikipedia says :
The featured lists are what we believe to be the best lists in Wikipedia. Prior to being listed here, lists are reviewed at Wikipedia:Featured list candidates for usefulness, completeness, accuracy, neutrality, style and prose according to our featured list criteria. ... ... Definitive. Outstanding, thorough list; a great source for encyclopedic information.

Now, the good news - the article on List of universities in Bangladesh has been identified by the Wikipedia community as a Featured list!! I was amazed to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the Bangladeshi Wikipedians. They were prompt to correct and modify the problems in the list identified by other Wikipedians. You can follow all the nomination and selection activities here.

This hard work has paid back - it is now one of the only 660 featured lists in the entire wikipedia! Kudos!

Photo : Curzon Hall, Dhaka University

Monday, April 7, 2008

Surviving in Dhaka: Traffic Jam

Though I love the city of Dhaka to my heart's content, sometime I can't help screaming out loud. Of all the thousand other problems of my dear city, 'traffic jam' and 'load-shedding' are the most menacing two. I believe many of you would agree on that.

This morning, for instance, I was cheerily enjoying the morning while going to the bus-stand by a rickshaw (getting a rickshaw in due time is another story, a painful one sometimes). Suddenly the rickshaw stopped and so stopped my whistling cheery mood - there was a long line of rickshaws and cars waiting. Yeah, that was a dense jam for sure and I haven't even hit the main road! After some grueling effort of the rickshaw-puller and following some short-cuts, I reached the bus-stand, just 15 minutes late than the usual.

The jam goes on in the main road too - in some places the road was cut for some construction purpose, somewhere else for underground gas pipes. The places left on the roads were mostly taken away by bizarre parking of cars.

No wonder I reached my working place 20 minutes late!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Post-weekend post

I just wonder whether I am getting lazier day by day or I had been so lazy at the first place that I can't be anymore- just the feeling is cutting deep. Either way, its no good news :(

And that's why it feels so bad when the weekend ends, when the ever dear Saturday night fades away with the (un)promising return of Sunday. Hectic.
After a long time, I have watched some movies this weekend. One of them is The Darjeeling Limited. The movie is about three brothers and their (apparently) soul-searching journey in India. I may have missed some inner meaning of the story but I enjoyed watching it. I like all the three brother's acting and the chemistry among them. As I have seen Adrien Brody only in "The Pianist" (as far as I can remember), I was surprised and amazed to see him doing a comic role superbly. The background music and some songs also were ear-catching.

I have also watched some cricket - India-South Africa test and ICL. Though there isn't any particular reasons, I am indeed happy to see 'Tema India' loosing the test match by an innings. And just to be informed, Bangladesh cricket team is leaving tonight for the tour of Pakistan. Hoping to see something good there.

Well, much reviewing of this 'smooth' weekend and now I must say, "Welcome, thee new week!"